Y12SR- Yoga of 12 Step Recovery

Y12SR is the creation of Nikki Myers. She initiated the combination of an all “A” (anonymous programs) meeting followed by a yoga class. I have been hosted by Willow Glen Yoga and other places for over five years. From having been the only Y12SR class west of the Mississippi for many years, there are now several classes in California: four of those in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Here is a listing of all those classes.

INTENSIVE: An online training/workshop for anyone in recovery to learn more about the conjunction of yoga and recovery. This is also a first step to becoming a Y12SR leader for yoga teachers and others looking to lead Y12SR Classes.

SF Bay Area places you can find a meeting are:

Fridays / Check back Fall 2019 – Willow Glen Yoga
1188 Lincoln Avenue
San Jose, CA 95125
(408) 289-9642