Writing is a huge part of synthesizing yoga and recovery.  I was so enamored with yoga philosophy, it hung together so perfectly with my recovery program (I am a “12 Stepper”) that I wanted to learn more about the synergies.  Several years ago there were far fewer resources and books available. I took courses and workshops and still didn’t find the one unifying text or context for this investigation.  I wrote my own.


Available Now!


Yoga And The Twelve Step Path“, CRP 2012, is the result of that investigation.   It has sold over 3000 copies as of last year. I am graced to hear from my readers from time to time and the book has met its goal – of opening the conversation about the union of yoga and recovery.






Now many more books by a variety of authors are available. I have some listed on my RESOURCES page. Check them out.


Coming Soon!

Yogic Tools For Recovery; A Guide For Working The Twelve Steps” will be out November 2017. Pre-orders are available at online stores. I am so excited that this is on its way to being launched. I hope it will be a useful process for those who are going through the steps again and again, as a regular part of their recovery.

I continue to write. “Life in Bite Sized Morsels” has been released and is available in print or e-book on Amazon. Other books are shorter and focused to the application of specific yogic inquiry on aspects of recovery.  They are self published and some are available on smashwords.  I write articles for online magazines and am a guest blogger on other sites. My own struggles and epiphanies are shared in my blog.