Writing is a huge part of synthesizing yoga and recovery.  I was so enamored with yoga philosophy, it hung together so perfectly with my recovery program (I am a “12 Stepper”) that I wanted to learn more about the synergies.  Several years ago there were far fewer resources and books available. I took yoga courses and workshops and still didn’t find the one unifying text or context for this investigation.  The result was that I wrote my own.

I continue writing a blog, articles for the “I Love Recovery Cafe” and send out occasional emails titled “Morning Meditation” with a short commentary on a thought or quote that is pertinent to my journey. If you would like to join that list, please sign up below.

Check out the BOOKS page for a list of my books and how to get them.

There are now many more books on yoga and recovery as well as other recovery paths by other authors. I have some listed on my RESOURCES page.

I write articles for online magazines and am a guest blogger on other sites. My own struggles and epiphanies are shared in my blog.

Watch this Youtube Playlist for the 12 poses to accompany the Steps[vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbBRDsaD9zSjR1IJ0FKKHh00662nPJML4″ el_width=”80″]