October Workshop

October 10, 2017 10am to 11:30am PDT

Compassion Fatigue, Relapse

and the Role of Resilience

This webinar will introduce the qualities and challenges of compassion fatigue and relapse. It will also provide an understanding of the types and importance of developing resilience to allow for a safe landing from over-DOing. You will be given some practical tools to identify the conditions and to enrich your restorative practices.

This event runs from 1-2:30pm eastern. Webinar is recorded and a link is made available to all paid participants to view on your own time. Must view links prior to November 10, 2017 as it will auto delete. Must be registered by 6pm October 9, 2017. No refunds given after October 9, 2017. $30 registration fee. If you cannot attend in person a link will be mailed to you that you can view as many times as you wish before it is autodeleted 11/9/2017

Register at the Y12SR site.

$30/$20 for Y12SR certified leaders. This webinar will be recorded and a link will be emailed to all registered participants to view on their on time as many times as you wish prior to October 9, 2017. After that date recordings will auto delete.

November Workshops

Y12SR Online Intensive-November 2017

NOVEMBER 7 – NOVEMBER 9 2017 || 10am to noon PDT each day


  • Explore the sources of addictive behavior.
  • Investigate yogic and 12-step principles as a foundation of recovery.
  • Discover sustainable ways for self-regulation that enhance physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
    • Learn how to use the tools and practices of yoga to support recovery and avoid pitfalls and traps.

The Y12SR Intensive is an online workshop for those interested in deepening understanding and application of the 12-step program and its symbiotic relationship with yoga. The intensive focuses on the ‘understanding and application’ of both yoga and the 12-steps. The Yoga of 12-Step Recovery is for anyone working with addictive behaviors or affected by those behaviors in others. It will deepen any work you may be currently doing to jumpstart your journey of self-discovery.

This event runs from 1-3 pm est for 3 consecutive days. All sessions are recorded and links to recordings are made available to all paid participants each evening to allow participants to view on their own time. Must view recorded links prior to December 9, 2017 as they auto delete. Must be registered by 6pm November 6, 2017. No refunds given after November 6, 2017.

Register directly at the Y12SR site.

Yoga and Addiction Recovery: A Discussion and Somatic Yoga Practice Workshop

NOVEMBER 19 2017 || 11am to 1pm

Willow Glen Yoga 1188 Lincoln Avenue San Jose CA

What is addiction?

In this workshop you will be introduced to what addiction is, how it affects the brain, the body and the spirit. You will also learn about how yoga can address these areas of suffering and offer opportunities to heal.

Ask yourself if you have participated in behaviors or consumed substances (including food) when you had decided not to? Have you wanted to quit negative thinking, negative self talk, or a negtaive outlook on life?Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or constantly busy? Did you have a family life that could be described as chaotic, dysfunction or disruptive? Is your body prone to colds, headache or low grade persistent achiness? A yes, or even partial yes, to any of this may have had a negative impact on your brain function and your physical wellbeing. This workshop will scratch the surface of the toll these situations have had on body mind and spirit. You leave with a few tools to help you address discomfort in body mind an dspirit.

$45 reigster at WIllow Glen Yoga

Private Classes

I am available for private classes – in person or via SKYPE or other online video conference tool.

Do You Want to Schedule a Workshop?

Let me know if you want to schedule a workshop.  I can lead programs on Addiction Recovery and Yoga, Gratitude Practices, Using the Koshas for Healing and other topics.

Please contact me directly to set one up!





Yoga Recovery meeting|| Sundays at 8AM PST

This is a unique meeting where we use yoga principals to reinforce recovery concepts.

Join the YOGA RECOVERY meeting at IN THE ROOMS!

Sign up for free. Create your log in and join the meeting.  Breath, sharing and a little stretching provide healing for body mind and spirit.