SomaNidra Workshop at Willow Glen Yoga

October 9, 11 am to 1:30 pm Sunday
Somatic yoga is the yoga of slow mindful movements that are designed to calm the nervous system and integrate the mind and body in a deep fashion.
Performing gentle repetitious movements in a contemplative manner with inner focus will let the tight spots in the body slowly unravel. Tightness can occur as the result of accident injury or other trauma and release in these areas can relieve mental attachments.
We follow this practice with a session of guided psychic sleep- yoga nidra. Let the benefits of the somatic practice seep into your tissues and your nervous system in a prolonged savasana style posture- giving yourself over to the delicious arena of your sub-conscious mind.
SomaNidra workshop is $55. Register at

Private Classes

I am available for private classes – in person or via SKYPE or other online video conference tools.

Do You Want to Schedule a Workshop?

Let me know if you want to schedule a workshop.  I can lead programs on Addiction Recovery and Yoga, Gratitude Practices, Using the Koshas for Healing and other topics.

Please contact me directly to set one up!

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Yoga Recovery meeting|| Sundays at 8AM PST
This is a unique meeting where we use yoga principals to reinforce recovery concepts.
Join the YOGA RECOVERY meeting at IN THE ROOMS!
Sign up for free. Create your log in and join the meeting.  Breath, sharing and a little stretching provide healing for body mind and spirit.