Soma-Nidra Workshop at Willow Glen Yoga


Give Back Yoga Foundation – Mental Health Programs

Sunday, March 8 2020, 11 to 1:30 pm

This special workshop is a BENEFIT for the Mental Health Program initiative of Give Back Yoga Foundation– in its effort to provide specialized yoga teachers for services providing yoga classes. These classes promote holistic practices as an adjunct solution to some of our most prevalent global health issues. Supporting yoga classes where mental health services are provided enhances healing. Your contribution supports those efforts.

Somatics is subtle movements of the body designed to take the thinking brain offline and move into the feeling tones of the body. With small repetitive motions, some areas of physical amnesia melt away and new freedom of movement can be found.

After we rewire your nervous system in a healthy way with these simple and comforting movements we take a short break.

You will then retire to your comfortable nest of blankets and bolsters, laying yourself down to go even deeper into the subconscious with a yoga Nidra practice: psychic sleep. 

When it is all over I will invite you to revive yourself slowly and you will return to your day reconnected to the deeper layers of your be-ing. Bring your own pillow, eye pillow and other comforting clothing for the yoga Nidra practice. We have lots of props including eye pillows in the studio, so if you want to wait and use ours, please do.

All levels welcome. Workshops prices are usually $50.

Bring a check made out to Give Back Yoga and reserve your spot by registering at If you want to support the program but cannot attend you can still donate by going to their website;

Private Classes

I am available for private classes – in person or via SKYPE or other online video conference tools.

Do You Want to Schedule a Workshop?

Let me know if you want to schedule a workshop.  I can lead programs on Addiction Recovery and Yoga, Gratitude Practices, Using the Koshas for Healing and other topics.

Please contact me directly to set one up!

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Yoga Recovery Speaker DiscussionMeeting Sundays at 8 AM PST
Yoga Recovery Step Study Meeting, Thursdays at 5PM PST.

These are unique meetings where we use yoga principals to reinforce recovery concepts.
Join the YOGA RECOVERY meeting at IN THE ROOMS!
Sign up! They are free. Create your login and join the meeting.  Breath, sharing and a little stretching provide healing for body mind and spirit.