Websites for Families, Students, and People in Recovery

For a comprehensive look at the benefits of sleep, read this informative article; How Addiction Affects Sleep.

Recovery Today Magazine; with articles and interviews on recovery. I have articles in this publication from time to time!
Recovery Illustrated – print and online magazine. Articles , interviews, puzzles, resources. Renamed recently from Step12 Magazine this publication also features monthly articles by yours truly. As a print magazine, it is a great resource for treatment centers and recovery homes.
20 best recovery blogs in 2016! If you are anywhere in the U.K. this is a phenomenal resource for recovery.

Second Hand Drinking  || Lisa Fredericksen is a speaker on the effects and impacts of second hand drinking, and how to prevent them. She has written extensively and brings her years of research into compelling and informative talks presented to veterans, public agencies such as police departments and to EAP program in major companies throughout the U.S.
Cathy Taughinbaugh  || is a Parent Coach who works valiantly and enthusiastically with families who have children suffering from addiction.  She is a writer and a researcher remaining active in the online world promoting information to assist families through the painful quagmire of addiction and the reframing of life in recovery.
The Fix||  An online news collection curated to bring the most up to date information on all manner of addiction, recovery and rehabilitation services. Be prepared for a bit of controversy as well.
Guiding Hearts With Hope || This is an organization created to address all issues concerning substance use and mental health and dedicated to educating the public on how severely the disease impacts the family unit and well being of our entire community.
Heroes in Recovery || Stories, events and the celebration of people in recovery and mental health advocacy.  Reach out and be a part of our growing numbers! (Read my story.)
In The Rooms || All forms of recovery are represented in this online meeting platform.  Well managed and well attended, these meetings feature secretaries from all walks of life, all over the U.S. and in non-traditional format.  Log on to browse around and see what fits.
Addiction Recovery e-Bulletin is a weekly news”paper” that offers articles, videos and breaking news about recovery.