Yoga can give one the tools to resolve the pain and suffering from having lived a life of active addiction. Skilled teachers can help one emerge re-integrated with amazing tools to prevent relapse.  A mindful, intentional themed yoga practice can help the students use what they learn about themselves on the mat to inform and improve their daily life. This course will guide you in many ways to bring your yoga to people who are suffering from any addiction.
S.O.A.R.™ training teaches you how to combine the recovery concepts in the physical yoga practice, helps you to discover and reinforce the union of these two philosophies so that the yoga class experience becomes richer and more supportive of a recovery path.  In addition, the training guides you in the journey of practicing self-care in order that you remain integrated with core values while providing this valuable service to others.

  • Understand more about addiction and co-addiction (families and friends of addicts)
  • Learn about recovery and relapse prevention
  • Weave recovery language seamlessly into your yoga instruction
  • Incorporate body awareness into relapse prevention
  • Develop a community of supportive teachers in this specialty practice
  • Create ways to hold yourself as a professional and business person
  • Practice these skills with your classmates as you hone your skills

Have you ever thought of using your passion for teaching yoga to help people in all stages of recovery?  Every week I teach people in recovery and I witness first-hand the transformative power of yoga.  In fact, I consider yoga such an important aid for those in recovery that I have developed a certification course for yoga teachers who are eager to take their passion in a new direction.

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Using various modalities; videos, reading, personal conversation, and presenting your own classes will help you be able to find your OWN voice. You will become confident and informed in preparing and instructing yoga classes to people affected by addiction.
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Online S.O.A.R.(TM) Training available anytime, anywhere in the world!
Study anytime of the day or night, study at your own pace, complete within a month or within a year.

  • Recorded program presentations
  • The e-manual
  • Selected readings and exercises from the resources file
  • Two scheduled calls to review material and address questions

You will also be required to read “Yoga and The Twelve Step Path“, perhaps the book that got you interested in this journey in the first place.

The ONLINE training is ideal for distance students; nationally and worldwide. Write for details.
You will be able to gain mastery of the subject matter and investigate areas ripe for personal growth as you prepare to take yoga to this awesome population. Contact me with questions or sign up below right now. (Hardship scholarships are available for teachers in reduced circumstances who plan to use recovery infused yoga in their classes.)

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$338 for a manual, the teacher materials, two support phone calls with me, and one month of access to the videos.

Complete by 1 yr from purchase

The manual is FREE!!!  You will receive a coupon for the e-manual by email as well as a list of resources for the class and for further study.
NOTE:  The training must be completed within ONE YEAR of purchase.  Focus, energy, and attention flag after that point.