Weekly Schedule 2018 

    • MONDAY
      • 12:15- 1:15 pm Support System Homes, Morrison Street (Private)
      • 12:15- 1:15 pm Support System Homes, Morrison Street (Private)
    • FRIDAY
      • 9:30 – 10:30 am Elmwood (First Saturday of each month.)
    • SUNDAY
      • 8 – 9 am In The Rooms online Yoga Recovery meeting

Y12SR Leadership Training 

April 27 – 29, 2018 Spirit House Yoga, Oklahoma City,  USA

Register through their website – one week left to sign up!

May 25-27 2018  250 E Hamilton Ave, Campbell, CA, USA

I will be teaching the Leadership Training in Campbell CA. Go to info@janatiyoga.com

August 24 – 26, 2018 Ozark Mountain Yoga-MO, USA   

Register here on their website: OMY

When you take the leadership training AND the Y12SR Intensive you can become a certified Y12SR Leader.

Private Classes Available

Please contact me directly (kyczy(at)yogarecovery.com) if you, your organization or facility would like to schedule classes. Private or group classes can be arranged, in person or online.

Yoga is an incredibly potent method to relax the body, calm the mind and heal the spirit.

Techniques learned in a yoga class can benefit the student in all stages of recovery.  Effective breathing can lead to conscious good choices, awareness of the body can lead to better control of feelings and responses.  Together the breath and body awareness contribute to relaxation and, ultimately, to impulse control and stress reduction.