Receiving Is Part of the Gift

I am a person of a certain age. My dear husband is as well. I feel fit and healthy and strong. He does, too, most of the time. We, however, have 2 other generations who look at us as OLDER or simply OLD. Yes, indeed the wrapping has become loose and bags at certain key areas; the vitality resources need more frequent rest and refreshment. It is true the there are more complaints of the spine and joints but other than that? Good as new.

So it is surprising to hear my kids, their kids and even the neighbors tell us to stay at home – they will shop for us, they will bring us masks and sanitizer, that we should, more than anyone, stay at home.

At first, I reacted badly (in my head), my ego rearing up and wanting to assert itself. “How old do you think I am?” “I am fully capable of going to the store myself!” “Do you think I won’t be careful and use precautions?” “I KNOW how to wash my hands and even, my thumbs!” What a baby my brain can be! That was not at all what they were saying. I had to pause, and breathe and listen to what they were telling me.

“I care.” they are saying. “I can do this thing for you. I am helpless about what is going on in many ways, but this, this I can do.” Their movements out into the world can include generosity for others who they want to protect. “I feel out of control, so I want to offer you some advice. Knowing these things makes me feel more in control, so I want to share them with you.” I don’t know what to do. I love you and I would be so devasted if you got ill.

Listening to the subtext and hearing the heart behind their words gave me a moment to be part of the giving. I could receive it. I could receive the gift of their kindness, care, energy, hope, and service. I could hold their fears and pain, NOT by assuming the ego chatter of my own head, but the generosity of their hearts.

I love you, family. And, yes, I could use a few fresh vegetables and maybe some soup beans.

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