Raising the Internet – in a Positive Way

Posts on the internet have been so positive and loving the past week or so, filled with images and quotes, videos and music all about gratitude. I have loved it. Certainly a vast improvement over the often acerbic comments during the election season. To remain in the positive I try to keep my comments and posts focussed on the solution and loving kindness; avoiding disruptive notes which can often lead to misunderstandings or negative streams of comments. I have thought it helped the over all tone of the internet viewing experience. I enjoy reading and hearing uplifting posts and responses to life (which we can all agree already can serve up the occasional platter of ick).

I find positive outlooks can help me move away from the depths of discomfort I may be in. I often read about another way to look at something or a healthier way to deal with the negative way I may be feeling. I kind of look to my internet community not to commiserate as much as to coach. And I aim to do the same. Well… it so turns out that is a Very Good Thing (as Pooh would say). We all are raising the internet together and what we do online teaches the internet what to focus on and what to bring to availability first! Really.

Through our words, our searches, the sites we linger on and which ones we breeze through all adds to the character of this organic electronic animal; the internet. Check out this blog from the “Flaming Brains” website. This entire website will amaze you and this particular blog entry draws the relationship between how we humans learn and how, by extrapolation, this wide world web we spend time on, reflects who we are. So go out there today and post: post loving, post fun, post educational and amazing, post playful, and move away from the negative samskara, habits of the mind, that are so useless and damaging. Have fun and celebrate!

Kyczy Hawk E-RYT200 is a yoga instructor specializing in teaching yoga to people in recovery and the creator of the SOAR(tm) (Success Over Addiction and Relapse) certification program. Find more about her and the SOAR(tm) program at www.yogarecovery.com.

Kyczy Hawk E-RYT200 is the author of “Yoga and the Twelve Step Path”, a leader of Y12SR classes, and the creator of SOAR(tm) (Success Over Addiction and Relapse) a teacher certification training she holds with her good friend Kent Bond E-RYT500. Find out more about her, her classes and the training at www.yogarecovery.com