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Past Workshops

Easing the Ache Workshop at Willow Glen Yoga

March 31, 2019 Sunday 10:30 to 1pm

Have you wondered why you thrive on stress and then the smallest thing can overwhelm you? OR do you feel overwhelmed all the time, seldom feeling a sense of mastery and confidence? If so, this will be a workshop for you.

This workshop, part presentation, and part practice will give you an understanding of some of the impacts of all types of traumas. I will discuss what happens to the nervous system when we experience something that overwhelms us, how this is recorded in our body and cells. Finally, and most importantly, give you tools to practice all the time and to enhance your regular asana yoga classes.

This workshop is designed for everyone-you do not need to be a biologist, a therapist or an advanced yoga practitioner to understand and benefit from this workshop.
We follow this practice with a session of somatic yoga movements to help soothe the mind and bring practical application to the concepts presented.
  • Terms Used in Yogic Tools For Recovery
  • Self Care for Sponsors and Yoga Teachers
  • Why I Feel on Edge: Regulation of the Vagus Nerve
  • Chakras and Recovery
  • Addiction Recovery Through the Koshas


Release and Revive: Vagal Tone and The Art Of Regulation with Kyczy Hawk – an online Webinar Sponsored by Y12SR

The vagus nerve is a two-lane highway moving between the cranium brain and the belly brain. What information does it transport? What impact does the information have when it offloads its cargo in the head or in the gut? Why is this important? How can awareness and mindful attention to this process serve to heal and promote sustainable recovery from all addictive processes and substances?

Join in the conversation on Wednesday, June 20, 2018, at 1:00 pm eastern time for a 90-minute workshop about this amazing nerve bundle. Learn ways to tap into its processes and skills to increase vagal tone. Share your experience and contribute your resources and understanding in the live online version of the workshop. You will also have access to the content for thirty days after the live event.

SomaNidra Workshop

Reconnect lost parts of your body,
Rewire your nervous system

Calm your soul

Soothe the brain as we go even deeper into the subconscious
with psychic sleep.
Revive yourself

You can re-engage with your day more fully
reconnected to the deeper layers of your be-ing.

Addiction, Compulsion and The Healing Powers of Yoga

Define addiction from various points of view.Explain the neurological path and social reasons for addictions.Correlate the recovery process with the yoga journey.
Lecture and discussion followed by a practice.
We end with a somatic yoga session to let the brain breathe and the nervous system absorbs the impact of the material; body, mind, and spirit.
This workshop will offer tools to support recovery and deepen their yoga practice.Saturday, March 17, 2018 from 1 – 5pm  at Queenstown Yoga New Zealand 
Saturday, March 24, 2018 from 1 – 5pm at New Manley Yoga Australia


MARCH 2 – 4, 2018

images-1This lovely location has hosted us for the past few years. We will have the Pine Room for our discourse and practices and the great outdoors for hiking, meditation, and companionship. Come and enjoy this wonderful place.
The Art of Letting Go is the topic for this year’s retreat. We will investigate how we hold, on, what that does to our mind, body, and spirit, and how we can determine what is really holding us back. We will create God Boxes, talk and listen to music. Prices vary by room selection: private, double or shared (more than two.)

SomaNidra Yoga Workshop

January 19, 2018 1pm – 3pm 

This is a yoga practice dedicated to somatic movements will help reconnect lost parts of your body, the blind or asleep areas that have gone into hibernation.
Rewire your nervous system with a series of simple and comforting movements before laying yourself down to go even deeper into the subconscious with a yoga nidra practice: psychic sleep.
Revive yourself and return to your day reconnected to the deeper layers of your be-ing.

Yoga, Addiction and Healing

SATURDAY, November 10, 2017
1:00 pm – 3:30 pm
What is addiction? In this workshop you will be introduced to what addiction is, how it affects the brain, the body and the spirit. You will also learn about how yoga can address these areas of suffering and offer opportunities to heal.

Meditation, Restorative and Yoga Nidra

1:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Give yourself a break and practice the art of doing nothing. Allow someone else to guide you in finding peace and serenity for a short period, one afternoon.
  • Use meditation to embrace loving kindness
  • Release areas of tightness with supportive poses
  • Find contentment in the practice of psychic sleep

What to bring / wear?

  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Your mat
  • A pillow
  • Eye pillow if you have one

All levels welcome

For more information, please visit:

An Online Webinar Hosted by Y12SR

The Chakras and the Steps May 31, 2107

How can you use the chakras to investigate and embody the steps of recovery? How do aligned chakras help support your step work? How do mis-aligned chakras impact your recovery? What are some ways to bring balance back to your chakras?
What will this online offering provide:

  • A deeper understanding of the chakras, their gifts and their obstacles
  • A way to align the power of the chakras with the healing of the steps
  • Guides for rebalancing chakras when they are over or under active

Who can benefit from this offering:

  • Yoga teachers who are interested in combining yoga and recovery in the Y12SR family
  • Y12SR space holders who may want to bring these concepts to a group discussion meeting
  • Y12SR space holders who may want to bring these concepts to the mat
  • Yoga students who have been curious about the chakras and their impact on recovery

This workshop will be recorded so you can listen to it later.


APRIL 8, 2017 1 – 3:30PM

Take a little time for yourself. Nourish your five koshas (the energetic, physical, emotional, wisdom and spiritual bodies) with some simple pranayama (Breath) practices, some restorative poses and close with a half hour yoga nidra practice
This is a great sequence to help you through periods of indecision or deciding, re-focussing and balancing. Doing “nothing” is a profound way to pause and allow the “something” of the back mind to come forth without force or expectation. Pause, breathe – refresh and reset.
Discover and practice ways to use the breath to energize and to calm
Give the body a timeout
Give all levels of the psyche a timeout (conscious, sub conscious and unconscious thought)
Wear comfortable clothes
Your mat
A special pillow if you have one
Eye pillow or other comfort item