Past Events

The Chakras and the Steps May 31, 2107

Hosted by Y12SR- an online workshop

How can you use the chakras to investigate and embody the steps of recovery? How do aligned chakras help support your step work? How do mis-aligned chakras impact your recovery? What are some ways to bring balance back to your chakras?

What will this online offering provide:

  • A deeper understanding of the chakras, their gifts and their obstacles
  • A way to align the power of the chakras with the healing of the steps
  • Guides for rebalancing chakras when they are over or under active

Who can benefit from this offering:

  • Yoga teachers who are interested in combining yoga and recovery in the Y12SR family
  • Y12SR space holders who may want to bring these concepts to a group discussion meeting
  • Y12SR space holders who may want to bring these concepts to the mat
  • Yoga students who have been curious about the chakras and their impact on recovery

This workshop will be recorded so you can listen to it later.

APRIL 8, 2017 1 – 3:30PM


Take a little time for yourself. Nourish your five koshas (the energetic, physical, emotional, wisdom and spiritual bodies) with some simple pranayama (Breath) practices, some restorative poses and close with a half hour yoga nidra practice
This is a great sequence to help you through periods of indecision or deciding, re-focussing and balancing. Doing “nothing” is a profound way to pause and allow the “something” of the back mind to come forth without force or expectation. Pause, breathe – refresh and reset.
Discover and practice ways to use the breath to energize and to calm
Give the body a timeout
Give all levels of the psyche a timeout (conscious, sub conscious and unconscious thought)
Wear comfortable clothes
Your mat
A special pillow if you have one
Eye pillow or other comfort item