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Ready for a brand new way to go through the steps? Have you completed the steps in the traditional manner suggested by your 12 Step program? Here is the guide you have been waiting for. A natural sequel to “Yoga And The Twelve Step Path” “Yogic Tools For Recovery; a Guide For Working The Twelve Steps” brings you deeper into the conjunction of yoga and recovery; giving you a new pair of glasses through which to view your path to wholesomeness and full authenticity. Order now and get your copy.


“Life in Bite Sized Morsels”
Solutions to and struggles with the complications and challenges of a full life are documented here. Living a life in recovery and with yoga at the heart: “Kyczy shares her journey from places so deep and vulnerable – places you’ll recognize and rejoice in her having given them voice – for it’s her humanness, questing spiritedness, compassion, honesty and humility that come through on every page” – Lisa Fredericksen – Public Speaker and author of more than seven books on Second Hand Drinking. Now available at AMAZON.  In both print and e-book versions.




Book-cover-2012“Yoga and the Twelve Step Path”

This book describes how the 8 limb path of yoga can enhance and even inspire your recovery journey. No matter what the source of your suffering or addiction, no matter whether it is you directly or the course of someone you love, this book can bring clarity to your own self awakening and give you tools for introspection and growth.

“I have received a copy of your book and wanted to congratulate you; it is a great book – insightful and inspiring. Blessings on your sharing, teaching, and further writing.”  Deborah Adele- author of “The Yamas and Niyamas” and one of my favorite writers and philosophers. Find it in bookstores or online. View the interviews on You Tube which explains how this book came to be.


“Addiction Recovery with Yoga; Using the Koshas for Healing”

Recovery from all manner of addiction requires a lot of diligence and vigilance. Behaviors and substances can be amended with the twelve step programs. They offer a phenomenal foundation. The yoga therapy model can enhance recovery and help prevent relapse. The five layers of all beings, the koshas, provide a wonderful framework. Lots of tools for healing are included.

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“Santosha / Contentment – How Gratitude and Acceptance Can Bring Contentment”

This book is about Santosha – the Niyama of Contentment. How do we find it? How do we reclaim it when we lose it? What can we do to nurture it? Read this book for your own self-care – or use the material to create your own workshop or class series. Please leave a comment or review. Thank you.
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“S.O.A.R. ™ Success Over Addiction and Relapse”

The manual that is provided free with the S.O.A.R.™ training is also available for purchase to those who are interested in teaching yoga to people in recovery.  With information, cautions, techniques and templates – it is a good introduction to this specialty yoga practice.  You may also purchase it for your own library.





“From Burnout to Balance”

In three short steps, this book will guide you to use to discover the impacts of overwhelm and burnout, and to convert this energy into a more fulfilling life. Yoga and addiciton recovery principles are included to broaden the base of tools and to add depth to the discovery path leading to a balanced life.

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