Five Online Meetings- GREAT BARGAIN!

Expand Your Understanding About the Conjunction of Yoga and Recovery

August 29, September 5, 12,19 and 26 at 10 am PT LIVE.  Don’t be concerned if you are not free at the live event: all recordings will be available for 30 days after the original “airing”.

You can get the video recording of all the events- even if you sign up now. $54.99 for all five or select $14.99 each for the remaining two.

There are four sessions left of this five-part series that will enhance your understanding of yoga and how it supports long-term recovery from all manners of addictions: process and substance.

 FIve Part series

Did you grow up in a house where chaos reigned due to chronic illness such as active addiction, mental illness or other forms of adversity such as radically changing financial security? Is there someone in your life who is using drugs or behaving in a self-destructive way? Have you been exposed to accidents, illness, hospitalizations, or other forms of mental or physical uncertainty? Do you long for a sense of stability and peace in your body, mind, and spirit? Here are some ways yoga can enhance what you have already been doing for yourself.

The Five Presentations are:

  1.  Terms Used in Yogic Tools For Recovery; August 29, 2018 Sign up for this presentation for a broad overview of the words and concepts used in my new books “Yogic Tools For Recovery: a Guide To Working the Twelve Steps” and its companion workbook.
  2. Self Care For Sponsors and Teachers: September 5, 2018 Sign up for this presentation to remember and to learn ways we can resuscitate ourselves as we put ourselves forward in service. Help create appropriate boundaries and replenish your prana.
  3. Why I Feel On Edge – The Vagus Nerve; September 12, 2018, Learn about why you feel things are on your last nerve and what that means: body mind and spirit. This is similar to the presentation given to the Y12SR community in June.
  4. Chakras and Recovery September 19, 2018, What are the chakras and how can an awareness of them benefit my recovery? I will present at a deeper level what the chakras are; what they contribute to in the body mind spirit continuum and how being out of balance can impact us in our healing efforts. Tools to refresh and rebalance will also be offered.
  5. Addiction Recovery Through the Koshas- September 26, 2018. Understanding the koshas and using this awareness as a tool to stop trouble before it starts. How can awareness of the five bodies that inhabit my body to avoid relapse at any level? Attend this meeting to learn more.

You may sign up for all four for $79.00 or select them individually for $19.99 each. Signing up for all five is like getting the first one, Terms Used in Yogic Tools For Recovery; August 29, 2018, free. Double check the titles and dates from above descriptions; there are no transfers or refunds- and remember they are all available for 30 days after the original day and time of presentation.  Keep checking back for more information.

$54.99 FOR THE FUll Series! Beginning with “Terms Used in Yogic Tools For Recovery: A Guide for Working the Twelve Steps”  through “Addiction Recovery Through the Koshas” Great materials come with the recordings.


Remaining Four Part



Begins October 19, 2018

Starting October 2018 join me, renowned yogi Kent Bond, Kim Byrd and Catherine Killion for a 200-hour teacher training immersion designed to take you to the next level in your practice and set you on the path to teaching sophisticated, accessible yoga. There are two informational meetings designed to answer your questions and to address your concerns. Sunday 9/9 @ 10:30am or Monday 9/17 @ 4:30pm Location: Willow Glen Yoga, 1188 Lincoln Ave, San Jose. Go to the Willow Glen Yoga website to learn more and to sign up now!

Don’t put off your dream to become a yoga teacher. Act Now!

Save the Date


I am in love with this annual event. Each year a concept is presented for us to explore in mind, body, spirit and with art. Past years we have looked at Self Care, Vision Boards Freeing Oneself for  Bountiful Future, and this year we looked deeply into the Art of Letting Go.
This coming year will be no different: we will investigate some aspects of personal growth using discussion, experiential exercises, yoga, and art. Topics under consideration may include one or more of these: Mantra, Meditation, Music, Journaling, and Prayer. I have an inkling that I will weave all of these together into a magnificent weekend.

Mark your calendar: Friday, March 29 4 pm through Sunday, March 31, 2 pm.

Check back in October for more details, early bird pricing and your chance to reserve your spot.