Easing the Ache: Releasing the Historical Imprints from Body, Mind, and Spirit

Sunday, April 25, 2021, 10 am to 12:30 pm PT. (1 -3:30 pm ET) $35
Fear, pain, and trauma leave their marks on the body and the mind. We know this intuitively. We know this experientially. We are subject to their impacts with tightness, stiffness, and chronic pain. We may have memory problems. Our emotional systems and nervous systems may be stuck on “high alert”.

This workshop will investigate how the body and mind are affected by trauma and stuck energies. The scientific reasons will be followed by some yoga practices, which, when performed with intention, can begin to loosen the knots and ties to past experiences; Easing the Ache.

Find out more in this workshop. This will be recorded and available for one week after date of presentation. Register at Y12SR.COM 

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TBD Healing Gifts; Yoga Tools for Selfcare

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September The Chakras and Recovery

October Addiction Recovery Using the Kosha

November Metamorphosis; Authentic Change in the Real World

Private Classes

I am available for private classes – in person or via online video conference tools.

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Let me know if you want to schedule a workshop.  I can lead programs on Addiction Recovery and Yoga, Gratitude Practices, Using the Koshas for Healing, and other topics. They have been updated for the online streaming platforms.

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