Addiction, Obsession and the Healing Power of Yoga

Saturday, April 3, 2021, 10 am to 12 pm PT.
How does addiction affect the body, mind, and spirit? How is obsession different than addiction? What changes do they cause to our neurology, our biology, and our spiritual connection? What is a yogic view of illness and the path to wellness? How can our recovery support our yoga practice and our yoga practice support our recovery? I will guide you through the lecture notes and then we will conclude with a half-hour somatic yoga practice; one of the tools that can heal the body/mind (brain) connection.

Find out in this workshop: Protecting Your Energy; Self Care for Sponsors and Yoga Teachers. Register at Y12SR.COM

Upcoming Workshops- sign up information to be announced

4/17/21 Compassion Fatigue, Relapse and the Power of Resilience

5/22/21 Healing Gifts; Yoga Tools for Selfcare

6/19/21 Stress, Anxiety and the Cultivation of Resilience

7/17/21 Easing the Ache: Tools to Use to Heal From The Past

8/21/21 Releasing the Unnecessary: The Yoga of Letting Go

9/12/21 The Chakras and Recovery

10/23/21 Addiction Recovery Using the Kosha

11/20/21 Metamorphosis; Authentic Change in the Real World

Private Classes

I am available for private classes – in person or via online video conference tools.

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Let me know if you want to schedule a workshop.  I can lead programs on Addiction Recovery and Yoga, Gratitude Practices, Using the Koshas for Healing, and other topics. They have been updated for the online streaming platforms.

Please contact me directly to set one up!

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