Y12SR classes

Yoga of 12 Step Recovery (Y12SR) classes are a combination of an all recovery path 12 Step style meeting followed by an hour-long all levels yoga class.  The discussion in the meeting is usually based on a topic that merges both yoga philosophy and recovery concepts, reframing what we already know and talk about in conventional meetings in a new perspective.  The yoga practice style is adapted to the students and the concepts discussed reinforcing the words in the physical; completing the mind, body and spirit union.

Recovery Infused Yoga Classes

Recovery infused yoga classes celebrate the concepts of recovery as they are experienced on the mat.  Concepts that include balance and rest, effort and ease are explored in the physical postures and remind us of skills we can incorporate off the mat and in the how we face “life on life’s terms”.  These classes are most commonly taught in treatment centers but are offered from time to time in workshops and class series.

Somatic Style Yoga classes

Somatic yoga is a therapeutic style of yoga. Focussing on breath and coordinated slow body movements this practice reconnects the mind and body to “blind spots” of our musculature; areas that have been over worked, deadened due to accident or trauma, parts of ourselves that need to be integrated in a more focused manner. Helpful for people with chronic pain or back problems there is very little movement between standing and sitting; the majority of the class is done on the mat.

Conventional Classes

Teaching a traditional style of yoga with very little vinyasa, or flow, between poses we investigate the poses in a longer, slower more contemplative manner.  My desire is to befriend the body, to reintegrate and restore confidence and pleasure in our selves rather that to force, cajole or criticize our physical being.

Private Classes and Workshops

Please contact me directly if your organization or facility would like to schedule classes.  Yoga is an incredibly potent method to relax the body and calm the mind. Techniques learned in a yoga class can benefit the student in all stages of recovery.  Effective breathing can lead to conscious good choices, awareness of the body can lead to better control of feelings and responses.  Together meditation with breath and body awareness contribute to relaxation and, ultimately, to stress reduction and impulse control.