The Spark Podcast with Stephanie James. Mental Health and Wellness tools are featured in the interviews given weekly on the Spark network and podcast. Listen to the interview with me!

Full Potential Now with Ted Izydor, LPC, CSAC, ICS, MBA, MINT Ted gives a very informative, educational introduction and the interview just takes off from there.

Shair Podcast with Omar Pinto. Put this one on your phone and listen to all the great interview. He has a great style and amazing people share their journey with him.

Yoga Tools For Daily Living TeleSummit – with Janine Murphy. Here is the interview with Janine as part of her 10 interview series. Each of us shared three tools that help us in our daily living! (February 2016.)

Since Right Now || Recovery RevolutionKlen and Sobr podcast. Check out ALL their offerings for recovery experiences all over the map! (My interview was recorded recently.)

Darren Main’s Inquire Within: This interview was recorded when “Life in Bite Sized Morsels” was published. This conversation and many more will enhance and expand your experience of healing, modern spirituality and social activism.

Recovery and Wellness Coach Herby Bell:  in 2014 Herby Bell interviewed me. He has many more interviews with people such as Greg Williams (of “The Anonymous People”),  Lisa Fredericksen, Cathy Taughenbaugh and Beth Wilson.

Downloadable Practice Resources

100_Breaths_b4_breakfast: 100 Breaths Before Breakfast. Download this suggested routine to start your day off right!
Have you tried Yoga Nidra?  Also called psychic sleep, this restorative practice can give you the benefits of a much longer rest in just half an hour.  Make yourself warm and comfortable and try it now.

A full three part breath practice to soothe and calm the body and the mind.