5 Part Online Series on Yoga and Recovery

Yogarecovery_logoTake part in a series of online presentations and discussions on yoga and recovery.

Based in part on the book and workbook – Yogic Tools For Recovery- A Guide For Working The Steps some presentations go deeper into science as well as philosophy. You don’t have to have read the book to benefit from these deep dives into certain topics that combine the philosophy of yoga and the principles of twelve-step recovery programs.

These are both offered live and then as recordings; you can choose one of them, some or all.

Why should you spend your time and money on this series? If you grew up in a house where chaos reigned due to chronic illness such as active addiction, physical disability, mental illness or other forms of adversity such as radically changing financial security you may have some difficulties adapting to daily life. If you been exposed to accidents, illness, hospitalizations, or other forms of mental or physical uncertainty your actions and reactions may not be quite what you wish them to be. Do you long for a sense of stability and peace in your body, mind, and spirit? Here are some ways yoga can enhance what you have already been doing for yourself.


    • August 29, 2018, 10am PT: Terms Used in Yogic Tools For Recovery; Sign up for this presentation for a broad overview of the words and concepts used in my new books “Yogic Tools For Recovery: a Guide To Working the Twelve Steps” and its companion workbook.
    • September 5, 2018, 10am PT: Self Care For Sponsors and Teachers: Sign up for this presentation to remember and to learn ways we can resuscitate ourselves as we put ourselves forward in service. Help create appropriate boundaries and replenish your prana.
    • September 12, 2018, 10am PT: Why I Feel On Edge – The Vagus Nerve; Learn about why you feel things are on your last nerve and what that means: body mind and spirit. This is similar to the presentation given to the Y12SR community in June.
    • September 19, 2018, 10am PT: What are the chakras and how can an awareness of them benefit my recovery? I will present at a deeper level what the chakras are; what they contribute to in the body mind spirit continuum and how being out of balance can impact us in our healing efforts. Tools to refresh and rebalance will also be offered.
    • September 26, 2018 10am PT: Recovery and the Koshas- Using the Koshas for Healing What are the koshas and how can they aid in addiction recovery and restoration? How do they align with the steps?

August 29 standalone is $4.99.  The September workshops are $19.99 each. Get all five for $79.99. Sign up through PAYPAL by going to my website: https://yogarecovery.com/large-events/ 

Kyczy Hawk RYT E-500 is the author of “Yoga and the Twelve Step Path”, “Life in Bite-Sized Morsels” and “From Burnout to Balance” she continues to submit articles to recovery and yoga oriented publications. Her new book:”Yogic Tools for Recovery: A Guide for Working the Twelve Steps” and it’s workbook are available now.

Kyczy has been teaching recovery focused yoga classes since 2008.  Taking the foundation of a traditional yoga training she received from the Lotus Yoga Teacher Association (of the Himalayan Yoga Institute), she has combined the wisdom and inspiration from other teachers along the way creating S.O.A.R.™ a program to help prepare yoga teachers to bring the practice to people in recovery.  

You can join Kyczy and a host of other people in recovery every Sunday morning at 8 am PT (11 am ET) on In The Rooms  (ITR) for the Yoga Recovery meeting. Beginning September 6, 2018, 10 pm ET she will be hosting a discussion meeting on ITR to go through the steps from the yogic perspective.

Kyczy is very proud of her family; husband, kids, and grandkids, all who amaze her in unique and wonderful ways. More about her work can be found at www.yogarecovery.com.

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