• Yoga Treatment Guide For Recovery – Part Three – Hanam

    Part Three Hanam

    Hanam – is the third part of looking at recovery through the traditional yoga healing process lens. Hanam is the part where we define the goal, the path forward, the trajectory of our healing. We can’t get to where we want to go unless we have an idea of where “there” is.

    “There” can be attitudes, behaviors, responses to adversity and embracing of joy that we see in a teacher, a mentor, a sponsor, of those we see in recovery. We also have a cellular memory of what it means to be whole and in harmony with ourselves, with our environment and with our circumstances. Acceptance. We may yearn for the skill and sensation of acceptance. Part of that goal may be to accept ourselves as we are in this moment- with our foibles, our limitations (physical, intellectual, educational, financial and so on) and our wellbeing now. At this time, as defined by the prior phase of the four part of yogic healing. We just be where we are.

    With our sponsor, our teacher, our guide we define specific goals toward health and healing. We really can’t do it alone. We already know what we think, feel and believe- we need to get another point of view, to hear our point of view OUT LOUD so we can hear it for what it is; a form of delusion.

    In recovery we have the steps. They put a path forward that helps us heal the past, rather than denying it, stuffing it, “closing the door on it”. We investigate it as a roadmap to lead to wellness. Each program will have an outline of what abstinence looks like. That is the foundation for progress through the healing. We also have steps to help us uncover the deeper issues behind the need to embrace excess as we had, Whether it was disordered eating, excessive purchasing / spending, sex or love or relationships, drink, drugs or gambling to name only a few, we started for fun and ended up embracing these activities as if they were our lifesavers. In fact they killed us, in one way or another.

    The issues, problems, insecurities;  and “ hundred forms of fear, self-delusion…” were being kept at bay through unwise action. These forms of unwise and unclear thinking and action can have caused not only soul sickness but persistent muscle tension and tightness, autoimmune disorders, digestive problems from the mild to the serious, and a host of other illnesses. The healing of recovery and the practice of gentle yoga can help alleviate and help eliminate many of them.

    Hanam is the point in the therapy, in the healing process, where you make a commitment to a healing journey. This will include not just the steps, but also a dedication to treating yourself in a more civil manner with attention to food, rest, hygiene of all types and some form of physical exercise and yoga.

    This is also a point in recovery where discipline is needed. You, with your guide, make a simple plan, one you can implement and stick with. Building self esteem through vigilance and staying with the plan you can adapt and change it as your situation improves. Find your path, keep it simple and proceed with love and gratitude.

    Kyczy Hawk RYT E-500 is a yoga instructor and author. She teaches in treatment centers as well as yoga studios in her hometown of San Jose, CA. Her volunteer time includes teaching yoga in Elmwood Women’s Jail and The Recovery Cafe San Jose. She has been a space holder for the internationally known Y12SR (Yoga of Twelve Step Recovery) for over six years.
    Kyczy has published several books including “Yoga and the Twelve Step Path” 2012 and “Life in Bite Sized Morsels” 2015. Her book “Yogic Tools for Recovery; A Guide To Working The Steps” will be out November 14, 2017.
    Kyczy has developed a series of yoga sequences for Studio Live TV that incorporate recovery principles in all-levels yoga classes. The link for them can be found on her website www.yogarecovery.com.
    Recovery has allowed her to heal and enhance her relationships with her kids, her family and her grand-family. Life is now rich with possibilities which she explores with art, craft and travel.
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