• We Have An Opportunity And An Obligation

    Some people are shocked, others may have had their worst fears realized. Some may have seen this coming. No matter what we now have an opportunity and we all now have an obligation. We have to stand up, we need to be ready to march, to write letters, to mobilize- not just our neighborhoods but ALL and ANY neighborhood to protect the rights we have previously fought for and won. We will need to do the uncomfortable, to step outside of the ancient paradigm that “our government will protect us”, will be rational, will take action to provide for the weakest and most vulnerable. We the people will have to redouble our efforts to do that now.

    urlYes, I am afraid. I am sad an disappointed. I also see that we as a nation have been curiously quiet in many ways. Yes we do stand up when a senseless shooting has occurred, to express shock and pain for these senseless acts. Nothing changes, but we express ourselves.

    But mostly we write like maniacs on the web, twitter and all other media streams. We express and exhaust our pain from the comfort of our couches, the isolation of our homes. It dissipates in pixels and we feel relieved enough that we don’t need to do more. WE DO NEED TO DO MORE!

    We have to HIT THE STREETS, we have to be SEEN. Just like the 10/4/2015 Unite to Face Addiction event, just like in the 70’s we all (new voters and old alike) need to be ready to MOBILIZE when necessary.

    I keep thinking – what will it take to get this country to STAND UP – literally and figuratively, to stand up and walk out of our houses and into the streets. Be ready to march here and across the nation. March for yourself and march for the protection of others.

    So get ready – break in your walking shoes   , become vigilant, in 2017 we begin the peace fight for our lives and the lives of our friends and families, a fight for the sanctity and sanity of our nation. We may have gotten complacent thinking that THEY would take care of us. Surely THEY know what is right and proper. Clearly THEY don’t.

    With compassion, without vitriol, pay attention to what decisions are on line to be made and take visible action. We deserve a peaceful and CAREful nation.

    In the meantime lets take care of the upcoming crop of kids; not just with technology and rules but with our time and guidance. We can help the teachers teach the kids,  work in the classrooms to get to know our next generation. We can participate in out of school sports and activities, be sure kid have a safe place to be so they can trust and learn good values and not the language of fear that was so successful this year.

    And while we absorb the enormity of information we have just been given- be kind.


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