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  • Non-harming, Awareness and Compassion

    Posted on July 28, 2014 by Kyczy in change, compassion, Non-harming.

    The first part of the Raja Yoga 8 limbs are the Yamas.  The Yamas are “restraints”  – five actions that, when avoided, will bring you closer to your true self. Compassionate change starts here.The five Yamas are: non violence, non-lying, non- stealing,  non- excess and non-possessiveness.  Like the 12 Steps of recovery,  the restraints, along with other rungs […]

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  • Staying On My Own Mat

    Posted on July 16, 2014 by Kyczy in balance, growth. yoga, self awareness.

    Some of my difficulties over the past week or so have come from an internal shift and change in focus.  This movement caused me to feel out of balance. Lack of internal balance is a dangerous condition for many; change can be a topple-er! How does being out of balance show up? Distrust, depression, dis-ease, disassociation, […]

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  • SOMETHING ELSE, Not This, Not Now

    Posted on July 7, 2014 by Kyczy in depression, pain, Relapse.

    Today is supremely painful.  My soul hurts.  One of those days when nothing seems right; or if it does, not for very long. My regular pattern is off.Dreams lingered without message; the beginning of the day felt awkward.  My yoga practice was OK- but did not transport me as it so often can.  The discipline […]

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