Yoga Recovery is a site dedicated to the union of Yoga and Recovery resources, workshops and trainings. It is the home of the S.O.A.R.™ program and informs students about those trainings. This site features work that I am doing or sponsoring in this field. 

Kyczy Head sepia I am Kyczy Hawk.  My mission is to create, support and provide yoga experiences for people in recovery.

I do this so we can learn ways for the BODY MIND and SPIRIT to indeed find unity and help us to recover from the disease of addiction.  Feeling sensations in the body; understanding and believing them can add to the tools we have to prevent relapse.

Our community of yoga and recovery students and teachers is growing; the need for companionship and mutual support on this road is increasing. Join in and share your journey of transformation with others; share what you are doing and, in the spirit of collaboration, it will be included here. 

Contact me with questions and comments. Contact me to have your work and resources included. Contact me to share.

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