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How Can I be Mindful When I Am Losing My Mind?

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How Can I Be Mindful When I Am Losing My Mind?

How Can I Be Mindful When I Am Losing My Mind?

Learn about the danger signs of compassion fatigue and the loss of natural resilience. At the same time avail yourself of many ways you can refill your vessel, your energy reserves, and begin to enjoy life again.

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Recovery Wordsearch Puzzles

Recovery Wordsearch Puzzles

Addiction Recovery Word Search Puzzles. Puzzles and clues in easy to read font with solutions presented two on a page for simple reference. Exercise your brain and affirm your recovery journey all without straining your eyes! A wonderful gift for anyone in recovery and a great book to have in clinics, treatment centers, and waiting rooms.

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Life In Bite Sized Morsels

Life In Bite Sized Morsels

Once the illusions about the efficacy of using drugs and alcohol have been smashed one faces the more subtle aspects of recovery and leading a recovered life. Addiction can be a Teflon process sometimes slipping from one behavior to another: food, consumerism, sex, love, affection, internet activity, and so on. How can one keep centered when falling out of balance in any of these areas? “Life in Bite-Sized Morsels” is a book about those challenges and finding solutions. Each piece is short, more like a “share” at a twelve-step meeting rather than a “chair”. Taking personal experiences or awarenesses and noting them down, similar in manner to a journal entry, Hawk explores life’s challenges, learning to accept “life on life’s terms”.

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Yogic Tools For Recovery, A Guide To Working The Twelve Steps

Yogic Tools For Recovery, A Guide To Working The Twelve Steps

Experience the benefits of recovery through the practice of yoga Recovery from active addiction is a lifelong journey that can take many paths. By aligning yoga philosophy and poses with each of the Twelve Steps, Kyczy Hawk presents a physical and spiritual guide that complements and augments any twelve-step practice. Highlighting her own yogic journey through the steps, Hawk provides an enlightened way of thinking that allows readers to investigate how they think, feel, and believe by using a new vocabulary to process traditional recovery principles. Current findings increasingly support yoga and mindfulness as promising complementary therapies for addictive behaviors (Complementary Therapies in Medicine, 2013). Provides clear and concise instructions requiring no prior knowledge and enabling people to experience the benefits of this ancient practice in the comfort and privacy of their own home. Key yoga terms are explained clearly and all poses are accompanied by illustrations. Consistent practice will lead to a more positive outlook on life and help eliminate harmful attitudes and behaviors. It can also create a balanced lifestyle, bringing greater harmony, stability, and enjoyment. Anyone can benefit from yoga, regardless of ability, age, belief system, or life circumstances.

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"The action plan and handouts for incorporating the 12 Steps with the asana were so helpful."


"I have enjoyed my studies and practices throughout this course and I look forward to growing and learning over time."


"I am excited to begin offering the class to our community. The information you provided allows me to grow as a student and as a teacher."


"This supports my own recovery and strengthened by awareness/beliefs in the power of yoga and recovery. I feel empowered to spread the word! I also feel educated on addiction concepts."


"What I liked best was your energies....learning more about relapse prevention...working in small groups was great"


"I loved this experience, I feel more confident."


"The training was professionally introduced, the environment was professional, yet fun and interesting."


"I loved the chance to practice what we would be teaching."


"The instructors were compassionate, caring and open."


"By the end of the program I felt I had a support group to call on as I develop more skills in this area of yoga."


"I feel the training exceeded my expectations...it touched on the professional, compassionate and intelligent offerings to reach this target population. "


"Level of knowledge and expertise was conveyed in a professional and supportive manner."


"The delivery of the information was clear and easy to understand"


"My goals were accomplished! I have the tools and resources to bring yoga classes to the recovering population [and their families].... I never felt overwhelmed or rushed."